The Art of forming effective Acronyms
Acronyms are, as defined in Merriam Webster Dictionary:
ac-ro-nym ("a-kre-'nim\n: a word (as radar) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term 
(c) 2000 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster Inc. All rights reserved.

What qualifications are there for a perfect acronym?
1. Actual word  (ie. FEAR)
2. must not be wordy but clear (Finding Everything A Roadblock; however..Facing Extra Attitude Regularly would not qualify)
3. can use other letters, but must by in small case  (ie. GOAL - Gain Ongoing Achievement in Life)
4. Should be meaningful, and in a full sentence (notice the above samples)
5. Defines the word effectively.

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