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I'd love to hear how these acronyms are changing your life!

"I never thought about it like that before!"
-"These are amazing!  Can I keep this business card?"
​"Mr Positive"

People on the street

  ​I  know Nick Furey personally, and he is a wonderful person. His book helps me day in day out. I use his acronyms every day to help me, and others that I run across. I recommend this book highly to every one. If I could rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I would rate it off the chart. I am unable to pick my favorite acronyms, but my 2 most favorite would be FAITH (Finding Assurance In Trusting Him) and trust (Total Reliance Under Stressful Times). I am considering working with a group of ladies in a  class using Nick's book.  

Christine S - Amazon Review

  "Some people think, speak and read in sentences. Others use single words to express themselves.  In their busy world, a 'Hi' & 'Bye' suffices for those on the run.
But both full sentences and single words appropriately convey our message.  Nick skillfully introduces common words in the form of acronyms.  I am sure that we will find them helpful as we hurry through life.  Use them for personal profit and real pleasure."
                                            - the late Ray Anderson "too old to retire"
​​"I  am having a lot of fun picking out different acronyms and am amazed on how relevant they are in my everyday life.  For instance, DOUBT - Depending On Understanding Before Trusting...How many times do I wish I would learn to trust instead of DOUBT?"
​                                                                                                                                         C.J.
Nick's Acronyms rock!  I have a signed copy of his first book and the acronyms have changed my life!"   
                                                                                          -Sherri B.
I can't believe I am now a SHIELD agent!!!!  Can I get my friends to be Agents too??" - Sydney A (age 8)  -Fall 2019